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Looking for a keyboard.

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Hello everybody,

I am a casual gamer and I usually play mmorpg and fps games.
I do however have some typing I have to do in my daily life but that is nothing major major.

Now I had a razer lycrosa but i spilled some stuff on it and that died on me. I did not like the keyboard because it got very dirty, very fast. I did however like the *feel* of the keys.

So things the keyboard MUST have:
- Resistant to dirt.
- Backlighting in either orange or blue ( Preferably orange/red ).
- Smooth for gaming and occasional typing of documents.

I thought about buying a deck legend. But found it a bit pricey, I looked at the Steelseries Merch Stealth but I had my thoughts about it's reliability, do not know if this is true or false.

Any feedback is appreciated,

Kindest regards,
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Try an I-Rocks KR-6820E-BK.
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