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I have just switched from MSI P67A-GD65 to an Asus P8P67.

On MSI, I ran my i5 2500K on 4.5Ghz for Turbo with stock voltage (from 0.99V to 1.248V). When I was in Windows, proccessor had 1.6Ghz and had about 1V. That almost never changed when doing stuff in windows, even when watching HD movie or doing stuff in many programs. When I ran some game, it went up to 4.5Ghz and never exceeded 1.248V.

Now when I try to have the same on Asus, it just ****s me off. Why? I have 33 multiplier as stock and for turbo, I have 45 multiplier, but when in Windows, it has about 10°C more (MSI 25°C, Asus 35°C) and it keeps doing small "jumps" into 4.5Ghz and to even 1.36V, which is damn high and I dont want that.

Is there any way to set some rules to using turbo and set some maximum limit for voltage? For example now I have on only Firefox with 4 tabs, QIP, Thunderbird and Teamspeak 3 and it runs on 4.5GHz almost constantly. Why? I have B3 revision with 1305 bios.

I thought the MSI was bad, but this is really driving me crazy.
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