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Thank you wink.gif
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Got a U9BL from a trade the other day, knowing it had 5 burnt out LED's, but its under a year old so xarmor is going to send me a brand new one. Sick.
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I own a XArmor U9BL that has been modified with replacement zinc keys for the arrows and the alphabet. I love my keyboard but over the last year I have had to solder and replace 2 Cherry MX blue switches and the keycaps for F6 and F7 fell apart... the stems on the keyboard are rather weak and i can't remember how many times I've had to crazy glue them back together to make keys usable again. I am now 1 key short on the print screen key as when it fell apart I was unable to get a reply from anyone in XArmor / ione the new company which decided to forgo the XARMOR brand. If ANYONE has a replacement print screen key they are no longer using for the U9BL or any other models that are similar I would love you forever and be willing to pay for said key. Scorpius-M10BL is now the new name for this same keyboard.
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how long last the battery on the xarmor u9w ( wireless model ) using it in gaming mode ?
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