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Do not let this comment sway you either. I disagree with whole heart. I personally ran a 9800 GTX+ dedicated to Physx. Let me tell you what I experienced. The only - I repeat only - place where I could appreciate Physx was in the Mafia II benchmark because I could see the stuff flying and not disappearing. Outside of it, it is worth crap. My 9800 GTX+ sits there at 30c idle warming up the case with 0% load. Occasionally during fights in Metro 2033, I could see its usage go up to like 10% and I know Physx is going on - but do I see the eye candies?! heck no ! that game is already so dark and gloomy, you do not just see the extra stuff flying around. Mafia II, when I was playing the game, there is not one lick of difference in game play experience when you have physx on versus off. You really have to look hard all around you (environment) to even experience Phsyx. I get so engrossed in the game play, I do not remember to see a piece of metal laying on the ground and go 'yay! I see a piece that flew off from that explosion'. Bottom line, I threw the 9800 GTX+ in a spare rig I built and is getting much better use. So, there you go - my opinion on Physx.

And Do not let that comment sway you either.

Physx is worth it as long as you are playing a physx enabled game, and i dont see the point of complaining its raising his pc temps by a few degrees...that's not a big deal to justify not having it in there unless you have a ****ty case...

absolute bs, get the 260 s a physx card matey, worth its weight in gold