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Is this Printer good?

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I was looking for a good Printer for around 180-230 euro
First i checked out some Brother being the first i Found
with touch panel
so i though it was the coolest printer around
Brother MFC 795CW

then i went to a store and saw This HP photosmart premium printer
Shop offer 40 euro discount if i bring my old epson printer (is 10yr old lol)

But looking closer that HP is quite ugly with a iphone-like gadget in the middle hmm not sure if i like it
the screenbrowsing is cool but i tried it in store found it not respond very well..
in other word cheap stuff

Then i found this Printer from Canon
has touch buttons + a smale screen
and a Black shiny surface is just wow

The screen is not so ipod clone as the HP but is also smaler than both Hp and brother.
not sure if is touch screen but is a bit smale so maybe is only touch buttons

Canon PIXMA MG6150

Should i go with the Canon
the design is just wow

but how good is the printer compared to the 2 others...

Store told me that the ink remplacement for the Canon was cheaper
than the one for HP but similar in price than brother...
so i guess i should rule out that hp atleast
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yes i have the same one and is very faster and easy to use
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You can print labels on the CD on the Canon one also?
only thing i heard the scanner is not so good but still nice

Does the Touch buttons totaly disapear when in stanby or something
i saw a video where one button disapear after pushing it?
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I bought the Canon 6150 today
it didnt come with a USB cable do i have to buy that optional?

Also the installtion seem to take a bit time
but is explained step by step in a huge manual :XD
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