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I know this thread is a little old, but

Save yourself some money and paint the interior of the 912. There is NO need to go drilling out rivets... Just remove all the parts the come out.
3.5" bays, 2.5" bays, rubber grommets in back, bottom "filter", plastic feet, expansion slot covers, vertical slot hold down, top part with USB & power/reset switches (it just pops off)... etc.

If it comes out, remove it!

Now go to Lowes and buy two cans of something black in Satin or Flat (whichever you like most), and put two-three thin coats on letting it dray in-between and sanding any inperfections as you go. Cost me about $4 a can.

The key is to GO SLOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Take your time, it's not a race!

If you want... tape off the top parts and sides where it's already painted. Or if your good... don't worrt about it.

I will post pictures of my paint job when I get home. For $8... you can't beat the results and you can say you did it yourself!