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Well, 1.2825 failed me somewhere between the 6hr mark and 12 hr mark. The BSOD was the IRQL driver thing again, code was either 1d or d1, can't remember which one.

Bumped up the Vcore and QPI one notch again and as of now P95 has been running on blend for 10 hours with no problems. Hoping 1.2875 Vcore is the magic number.

One thing I did notice though was that CPU-Z shows the same Vcore (1.272v under load) when the BIOS was set at 1.2825 and at its current setting of 1.2875, any ideas why?
my bios vcore of 1.1875v shows 1.184v cpuz idle.
load it shows 1.184 vcore cpuz,linX
prime blend goes to 1.19v load, 1.184 idle.

Run some other tests, prime alone isnt enough variety

edit>qpi/dram core can add a notch or two

yes, all MB's are differnent and require more/less.
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