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I bought the 452X2 reservoir product from Koolance w/two 450 pumps. As a part of the buy I also purchased their TMS 200 and the daughter-board that goes with it...should allow decent fan and pump control w/ability to monitor flow rates, temps, and so on. The potential w/this product is solid.

I installed it per the instructions but I'm having all sorts of trouble trying to get the USB-connection to work. The system allows for two types of connection to your machine...serial-USB (internal-to-internal) or USB-USB (internal to external USB) connection. It uses the Prolific set of drivers. So...I can't get the drivers to recognize the board. I've tried several versions of the drivers and one time got it to work...rebooted and it lost connection and within W7 Device Manager it showed the connection as not working. I've done all the normal things...reinstalled driver, used regedit to do a "clean" install...varied the process to install it...I suspect it's the combination of this product and my board (ASUS Rampage Formula)...but I just paid about $150 US and need some help. I'm contacting Koolance for some assistance.

Does anyone else have a TMS 200 and if so have you experienced this issue?
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