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It is frustrating for sure. What about the Asus MS246H? Seems to have great response and low lag. It was said to have good color as well but lacks some features.


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If you want it all, get the monitor I have (NEC MultiSync 20WGX2) from someone, or be willing to spend over a grand. There isn't any suitable upgrade for my monitor at the moment.. and its been 4-5 years. I don't see monitors that have a Gloss screen and an IPS panel together (everything is matte~ Opticlear is sexy). 20 inches doesn't seem big anymore, as my friend all have those cheap TN panels boosting 16:9 HD or 16:10. They don't really care bout quality as much as the size. I want the same monitor I have now, but in a bigger size.. hehe might be too much to ask.

The Dell U2311, and the U2410 look very good, but I'm just not satisfied enough. The HP ZR24W looks good too, but again, there are problems. I will just keep waiting until something awesome comes up, or eventually have the money to get the U2410. (I do game, but meh.. I'd pick quality over response time~ I can always get another monitor for gaming, but there isn't anything for the best of both worlds... )

The LG definitely looks very intriguing, and it is interpolated (so no reason for a display port).
I was looking at the LG 2370 as well, but until an expert review comes out, I will just have to sit back and wait. Thanks for all the information and advice guys.

NEC Monitors are not targeted at consumers anymore, mostly professional and business (which is sad). I can't find an NEC Retailer at a local computer shop since 2008 (Fry's Electronics for example).

I always like the NEC monitors, owned a 1333LCD, Multisync 70GX2 and of course my Multisync 20WGX2.
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I'm looking to get 3 ASUS VE278Q but is it really so bad not being IPS?
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