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So... I spent all yesterday cutting up the package that a gift card came out of to make a clip. The point I learned is that the pins on the bottom and the pins on top have to touch or have close contact with the ribbon (the wires are spaced at 1 mm) but don't take my word for it. At one point I had a piece of plastic with paper (where you tear open the gift card package) work. It gave everything but the number pad, but being a frustrated perfectionist I took it back apart because it didn't like using paper as a conductor. I saw that someone was selling the ribbon clip for $25, but got to thinking harder about it.

The two points of metal have to touch the ribbon, and what ever I tried to stick plastic in there it was only held in by the top pins, making them farther away. So, I took my jeweler flat head and bent the pins on the top down to secure the ribbon to the bottom. This was a last ditch effort. If they keyboard broke I would have ended up using a USB keyboard anyway. Surprisingly it worked. All the keys work except 7,8,9, and 1,2,3 on the number pad work. I had gotten a new keyboard for it from ebay but for some reason it would never work, while my old one would work differently each time I tired a different piece of paper or plastic. At one point I tried carving out a piece of plastic from a pudding container but couldn't cut the notches with my xacto knife thick enough.

So, Thank YOU all for your advice, and the person that talked about using photo paper. Business cards were too thin, and the little tags for businesses on your key chain too thick. In the end I ended up with a keypad that only has 4,5,6 on the number pad, but everything else worked. I did see a difference after putting on Arctic Silver (5-10 degree drop) but for those that are new to taking apart a laptop be careful. If anyone else decides to fallow my example, know that you may never be able to replace the keyboard, and that I knew this when I carefully bend my pins.
GOD Speed. HP won't be my next laptop.
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^^ odd that you had to make the pins touch, i could hold my ribbon in a specific spot and keys worked. you losing numbers is caused by one of the pins not making a connection most likely.

the other day i stopped by 2 shops hoping to get lucky with a ribbon clip for the keyboard. 2nd shop was a winner. guy took me back and showed me a stack of HP laptops all pulled apart and said take a look. first laptop i looked at had exact one, pulled and tried clipping into mine. it was about 2mm shorter which was odd because it had same amount of pins.

anyways guy told me to keep it for free since they didnt have to do the work. took it home and was able to get it in with ribbon and all keys worked. since it was a couple mm shorter i used hot glue on each end just to hold in place. worked out perfect.

installed windows 7 ultimate and some drivers. battery only lasts about 20 mins when using so bought a new one off ebay for $20.

awesome i ended up with a free laptop because they thought it was broke.
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Sweet! thumb.gif
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Mine was giving a weird, could not find something error and would run Chckdsk every time it started, but luckily I had a Windows Pro upgrade code that fixed everything. My son will now be able to learn how to use a computer, learn to type, and hopefully having Word will keep A+ standing in school now that he has Word.... (passive statement please revise)

Best of luck to you all.
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