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How-To run multiple instances of FF versions.

Here is a little tutorial how to run multiple instances of Firefox or different versions of Firefox at the same time..

Run "firefox.exe -profilemanager" without quotes or create a Firefox shortcut to the desktop, right click properties and add "-profilemanager" without quotes at the end of the shortcut target.

Now in your Firefox Profilemanager, create a new profile, name it to whatever you want then Exit.

Now navigate to C:\\Users\\Admin\\AppData\\Roaming\\Mozilla\\Firef ox\\Profiles using Run.

In your Profiles folder, enter in to the newly created Profile you created and delete the contents of it. Copy the contents of your default Profile to your newly created profile.

Now, go and download the latest ProfileManager Utility from

which is atm 1.0_beta2 2/3/2011 1:16:00 PM .

After finished downloading, I copied the entire folder to my C:\\Users\\Admin\\AppData\\Roaming\\Mozilla location. Opened it up and created a new shortcut to desktop of profilemanager.exe.

Now that your newly created shortcut of profilemanager.exe is made on your desktop, Double click it to open, It will ask to have access to the net, for my comodo firewall I selected treat as web browser and allow.

Now that profilemanager.exe is up and runnin. Click on Manage Firefox Versions, a new window will pop up, click Add Button, another window will popup, navigate to waterfox folder and add the firefox.exe that is in it. Highlight firefox.exe and click Open Button.

Once it waterfox "firefox" is added to Application Versions, Click close.

Now just for crap n giggles, open your original firefox normally how you open it and keep it running"minimized is fine".
Now with your ProfileManager Utility still open, Tick on the box that says "Start new instance [-no-remote]", select Firefox version [in our case] " C:\\Program Files\\Waterfox\\Firefox.exe, version 4.0" from the drop down list, then Highlight your newly created profile at the top that you copied your original profile contents to. Now click on the Start Firefox Button.

Now you will have a second version of Firefox running along with the original firefox I asked you to start up for crap n giggles.