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after a couple of problem free weeks, the problem now occurs with the phenom x2 as well. I'm going to RMA the board now, its getting silly.
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Hi guys, I've got a very similar build m4a87td evo mobo amd phenom x4 be965, 4 slots of dimms 2x patriot g 1333 9-9-9-24 1.5v, 2x mushkin advanced 1333 9-9-9-24 1.5v, 850w psu
tried absolutely everything... swaping moving playing around in the bios etc...
if i put all dimms in it pc crashes before it even loads bios tried clearing cmos
tried battery... no help,
if i put 2x patriot in a1+b1 crashes as soon as i go into bios, i managed to make it stable for 7 days running no crashes by putting 1x patiot into a2 slot and 1x patriot into b2 slot.
the thing is that it's only a temporary solution to keep it running but it doesn't solve a problem cuz i've got 4gb of ram dusting in the draw...
i think it's about time someone from asus or AMD explain this with a bit more detail...
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Anyone solved this issue yet?
Ive been stomping my head against the same issues as u guys.
had my setup for about a year now. Ive reinstalled at least 20 times (win7 32 and 64)
but the problem returns.
tried memtest86+ and switched the memory around. seperate! dual! different busses!
and it might pass but it always returns.
Worst seems to be if i use 2 ram at the same time.
ive upgraded bios firmware and mobo drivers aswell as every other driver for my comp.
ive just been trying everything short of buying new stuff because i cant rly afford to replace it all. And ive turned it into a friend who works with serviceing comps.
Hes completly lost aswell. I get BSODs all the time. But the minidumps contain no info and their all over the place. Ive must have had 8-9 different ones. and up to 5 or so bsods a day on bad days.
u can see it coming when u get read errors on your exe and rarfiles. then its 100% sure memtest is gonna fail.
sometimes it just wont start up after a crash either. ive learned that pulling the plug and wait for 10 min will get it back up again.
Does anyone know what i need to buy and switch to make it run stabile.
Cause i have never had a pc running this poorly in my life.
my setup is quite simular to everyone elses.
m4a87td evo mobo
amd phenom x4 be965
1000w psu
2x2g osz 1333 gold series
geforce gtx460
intel ssd x25
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I was searching for another question, found this thread, similar issues as you guys. I was able to fix and hope this helps you too.

My rig M4A89GTD PRO/USB3, 4GB Corsair DDR3 1333, Phenom x4 945, 950W PSU. New build had BSOD with the RAM too. I did the RMA with the RAM, etc, etc. (Corsair Support was GREAT!). Tried everything all of these posts mentioned and nothing worked.

My solution was power, my rig was plugged into my UPS and either at boot or 20 minutes into using the PC it would quit. Restarting was an issue, I had to pull the power plug and drain the charge from my PSU by tapping the ground prong to true ground. Only then would I get the PC to boot again. I finally realized that my UPS battery was not up to the task of supporting the power demands of my rig. I switched banks from battery backup to only surge protection and the rig held stable. Haven't had a BSOD since. I was originally running on WINXP x32 and upgraded to WIN7 x64 and still steady as a rock. No one has mentioned that part of the equation so far in your posts so maybe something else to consider. BTW, my BIOS settings are all set to AUTO for RAM timings, etc.

Good hunting.
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