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Well, it's coming along slowly but surely. My dad gave me a mouse sander + tons of different grit velcro pads, cordless screwdriver, cordless drill, dremel kit, bandsaw, circular saw, some other junk, like punch's etc. There's some other stuff I still need to get but I don't have a truck or Ute. Most importantly he gave me his airbrush, an airbrush that has never been used, and was purchased a couple years before I was born for approx $650. It's a Paasche VL, bought around 1975. Never used and in perfect condition it still even has the original warranty (although probably expired), and instruction manual + airbrushing tips. At first I thought OMG, I can't use this inflation alone would put this around $2000 worth. Then I started looking for other paasche airbrushes and found they still sell the exact same model, with same instruction manual, and same box!
How much you ask? $89
So now I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm guessing it's not worth the $650 that he originally paid for it so...






Even the condition of the cord is still amazing. Needles are all still razor sharp. I can't believe they still make the same model, 35 years later.