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I realize I may be imposing contradictory purposes, but I'd also like the system to be reasonably quiet, so that may preclude "serious fans" blowing like crazy.

I really am uncomfortable with doing any serious case mods, so as I've read, that means either a 480 or an additional 240 won't work for me using the 800D case (which I REALLY like).

This suggests the 360 mounted at the top and a 140 replacing the existing fan on the back.

Does it really matter which blocks come after which rad? If so, I would think the GPU's would generate more heat than the CPU, and that would suggest putting them after the 360, but that means longer tubes crossing all over the place it seems to me.

I also thought I read that there isn't much advantage in a dual loop. I certainly don't mind doing that if it makes sense, but a lot of what I've seen suggests there just isn't that much difference between a single and a dual.

Thanks everyone for the help.

This is all so confusing... (But it's fun learning).