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Folding will be out of the question for him. I also think that he should be careful if he wants to put some load on his CPU at the same time as the graphics cards.

Earlier in this thread (post #22), I posted the review that Guru3D did, and I broke it down like this:

If their system's power supply pulled 578W from the wall during load, and if the efficiency were 85% during that power draw, than that would mean the system pulled about 490W from the power supply. Now this is with the CPU at 0% load. What would happen if the CPU were at 100% load at the same time? What would happen if both the CPU and the graphics cards were overclocked?

That is why I am recommending a quality 750W power supply.
edit: i am confident that a 570 sli setup will run on a 650w psu
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