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Flashdrive Problem!

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Ok so i tried out Linux on one of my flashdrives.
I installed the linux installer on my 8GB flashdrive , then i installed it onto another flashdrive that was 16GB. It was very laggy so i decided to delete the partition and get rid of grub.
I did the recovery process to be able to get into windows without grub.
(bootrec.exe /FixBoot then bootrec.exe /FixMbr

Everything was fine after but when i tried to format my 16GB flashdrive it wouldn't allow me. I think what i did wrong was delete the partitions on the 16GB and its no longer usable. How can i fix this?
I tried disk management but when i try to make a new partition it says
"The operation is not supported on a non empty removable disk"
Should i load up windows 7 format and do it there? i will try recuva and see if it works.
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Problem Solved! Wow im quick when im worried! wink.gif
I downloaded HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool and ran it. The problem was the windows was reading it as a disk drive and not a flash drive.. Thanks for the help Jach11!
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