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Combining LGA771 systems

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Hey guys. I have a question about dual-socket workstation PCs.

We have several Dell Precision 490 workstations lying around at work, they're not used very often but we do occasionally need them. They're based on server hardware and have dual-socket motherboards using LGA771, but each one only has a single processor. We recently replaced a few computers and I'm looking to combine some of these older ones to see if they'll be powerful enough to continue using. Basically gut one system and put its CPU and RAM into another system.

I've never worked with a dual-CPU system before. Do the CPUs have to be identical, or otherwise in the same family?

For example, one system has a 3.0 GHz Dempsey Xeon DP 5050 which is a server variant of the Presler Pentium D, it's dual-core with HyperThreading and uses the older NetBurst architecture. The other system has a 1.86 GHz Clovertown E5320, which seems to be based on a Kentsfield Core 2 Quad.

Would it work to put both of those CPUs on the same motherboard?

TL;DR Dual-LGA771 system with two very different CPUs. Will it work?
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From what i know, you need identical CPUs to run dual chips.
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Yes you need identical CPUs
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Thanks guys, that was what I was thinking but I wasn't sure.

I guess I'll just have to inventory them all and see if we have any systems with the same CPU. I've checked three so far and they're all over the place. Got a Dempsey, a Clovertown, and a Woodcrest so far.
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I am sure there will be at least 2 computers with the same chips in them.
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