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First time overclocking...

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I'm ready to overclock my AMD 965 BE and I'm not quite sure how to start.
My specs are below, I also have 4 GB of Crucial XMS2 RAM, and a 750w psu.
I would really appreciate some help getting started! I already have Heaven and Prime95 installed as well to benchmark and test.

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I also have a 212+ for cooling my CPU.
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I had that same board and its a 4+1 Power Phase, you do NOT want to OC a 965 on that board or you'll risk the board catching on fire.

No joke, 4+1 power phase + 125W CPU = bad for OC
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Haha, oh... Maybe it's best that I wait for an AM3/Bulldozer board...
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Asus 890fx/gx mobo's will have bulldozer compatibility with a bios update.
Its being tested on the Crosshair IV Formula atm.
(Reason I upgraded to a Crosshair IV Extreme)

Gigabyte is doing socket revisions and MSI is doing the bios update. (although most of MSI's boards are 4+1 power phase)
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Awesome, I just bought a new 6950 graphics card, so I'll have to wait until I save enough up for it. A 965 shouldn't bottleneck the new GPU on games, should it?
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OC to 4GHz on a 890fx/gx board and you can even handle 6950 xfire with no bottleneck.

Even stock or a mild OC I wouldn't think it would bottleneck at all.
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