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Yeah, that's my dilemma. I have the 460 768mb cards in SLI, but sometimes
the microstutter can drive me bananas. It's really noticeable playing JC2 and
Crysis Warhead. When I turn off SLI, games definitely run smoother.
Otherwise, this setup is super fast.

Now if I do SLI in the future, then what do you all think about swapping out
the 460's for one 570 now? The benchies on 570 SLI look damn good right
now. Yeah, there's really no such thing as future-proofing, but I'd think these
would last me quite some time vs. the 460's I have now.

I'll be picking up a 1080p monitor in the next couple months as well to get
the most out of my rig (sometimes for s***s and giggles I'll take the
desktop out to the living room and play on the 50" HDTV). Also, I figure
my OC'ed 930 should be good for a couple years at least.