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Good USED gaming laptop

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I tried the search function and read through several pages of results but didn't really find much of an answer to my question so I'm starting a new thread with the expectation I will surely be flamed to death because I didn't use the right key words in my search to find my answer! lol

At any rate. I'm looking to pick up a used Gaming Laptop. Budget - $600ish. I could be pressed to spend a little more if I was swayed to do so because of additional capabilities, but I'm really trying to keep it around $600 as much as I can.

I know I'm not going to be able to play games with maxed out settings and uber high frame rates, but I'm ok with it as long as the game remains playable. I have plans for a desktop to fill that gap. But I find myself bouncing between home, my moms and my girlfriends place so a laptop would just get me more relaxation time. Aka game time.

So far I've been liking Gateway's FX series and have been pretty successful at finding them in my price range. But before I get to far down the path of falling in love with one and bringing it home, I thought I would see what others here thought. Maybe there is something else out there I should be considering and have not yet found.

I've found a few Alienware units that have been in my price range as well but I've always had this overpriced, should be spending my money else where mentality about them. Perhaps I'm wrong.

It would also be nice if the unit were semi upgradeable, not that everything is soldered into the motherboard.

Right now I'm stuck playing Combat Arms on my Acer 5517. lol Let me tell you, although I am able to play... I NEED SOMETHING ELSE!! lol With the settings all the way down and now that I have 4 gigs of ram plus a 4 gig usb drive running for ready boost, its actually is quite playable. I proud of this little unit considering I got it for free and brought it back from the grave. One last thing I'm going to do with it is splurge the $20 bucks to pick up a dual core processor for it. (AMD Athlon X2) May not do a ton, but I figure for 20 bucks... what the hell. Probably make it easier to sell. lol

Bring on the flaming and opinions! lol
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I've got a Gateway FX and all games are playable at a decent framerate with better than low settings. One game that will frustrate you is COD:BO if you play that. Single player might be ok, but MP will lag. My only way around it was a cpu upgrade. I went to a T9900 and that's still not great. With that being said the 9800M GTS is a capable card but cpu intensive games might hold it back some.

BTW I have a P7805u, stock it had a P8400 which was at 2.26 or something like that. I play all games at my native 1440x900 res.

Just a thought, but there's a bunch of various budget laptops that are capable og gaming with the AMD 5650 videocard. If you can find a used Dell 15R and it has a 5650 I'd jump on that and save even more money.

I game on my sig rig, but I have a lot of down time while at work so that's where the laptop comes into play.
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I wouldn't have thought to even look at a 15r for the simple fact my girlfriend has one and its been a complete pile of crap. It locks up at random times for few seconds to 2 minutes depending on its mood and then will be fine for a while. Its really quite annoying. Me being a Apple fan, I started blaming windows again until I gave this Acer an honest college try. This thing spec wise is way under her 15r and I haven't had any problems. Needless to say she's going to be on the horn with Dell soon! Because if this can run with no issues what so ever, then her i3 powered machine sure as heck should be able to!!!!

Your final sig is the exact reason I'm going to get the laptop first. I'll get more use out of it for a while then I would just building a desktop.

I would love to be able to play COD:BO's, but if I can't... I guess I can deal with it and leave that for the desktop rig when I get to it. Sure would be nice though.
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This guy is really playing COD:BO on a 15r? Hmmmmmm.... lol
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Your Dell comment got me to thinking - would I be better off with a "higher end" gaming laptop or say something like this...

I found a Dell Studio XPS 15" with an i7 and 435m. $909, but if I wait for a 15% off coupon code I get randomly from Dell... That could bring it down to just over $700. Brand new and then I get a warranty. Only thing I dont like is the fact I'm sure there isn't any way to upgrade the thing ever. But I suppose it isn't the end of the world.

Things that make you go hmmmmm....
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