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Originally Posted by PureNick;13195316 
Hello everyone,

Another huge factor that has been turning companies away from this sensor is the extremely large lead time from Avago themselves. As it stands right now, it's about 21-23 WEEKS for the minimum order. Anything over 5000pcs and you're looking at close to 30 weeks. Typically other companies want their mice designed, produced, and on store shelves by this time.

Oh , so I see u work for puretrek! Kudos! great gear there from what I've heard- however, What I'd like to ask you is this , this sensor used in your mouse IS capable of various CPIs , unlike what the spec sheets say ?? So it CAN be made to be stable via F/W updates in the spawn ? Just askin- Only the spawn's available here and I'd like to get a mouse w/ this sensor ASAP !

Live in India. And the spawn's like 45$ here w/ a free pad... while the DA's 42$ lol , ,Going from a DA to a spawn ... hopefully... drunken.gif
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The Spawn's sensor is flawless with firmware 30a and above if that's what you're wondering 0razor1.
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Ok lOl ^ AM WORKING ON FIXING THAT ANNOYING NICK - I play by the nick of Wooka on steam and ppl keep reminding me about 0.razor.1 smile.gifsmile.gif
so need to fixit :/
btw, CAN I possibly move the pcb to a DA shell if it the shape fails on me ? ?

Lastly, clawing at super low sensis-- is that plain foolish or should i give it a try -- I have a sort of hybrid -- claw / palm / wrist fingertim / palm grip :/ :/ NO kidding :
sensi is @ 450 DPI - 6/11 win ,
1.3 ingame @ 1024 Res
noforce , no acceleration
so about 40cms / 180degree turn frown.gif very unmanageable but i really dnt wait for the cursor to position itself , and let her rip~!
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