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I was about to post a similar question. I am a total noob with OC'ing so it scares me a little. I did try out the asus sabertooths oc tune feature last night and it ramps it to 4.4-4.5ghz, but the Dram was 1.65+ which I was told was too high. With my sig rig what should I do as a start point in the bios?

I did run a Heaven 2.5 bench after the oc tune and it really did nothing at all. In fact the end result said my CPU flagged at 3.55ghz so does that mean the oc tune was not really woriking. I ran CPU id and it did show it going up to 4.4with just some light browsing on the internet.

I figured the speedstep may of been hindering the performance during the benchmarking, but maybe that is not true at all. Should the turbo feature still be enabled as well?