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Help with horizontal line

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I am having trouble with Bioshock and Bioshock 2 on my system. I can run Bioshock full out only I get this horizontal line a little more than halfway up my screen. I have tried v-sync and rolling back to every driver from 10.1 and up. The only way I can make the line go away is to roll back to dx9 or to force dx9 on startup. The horizontal line appears in all graphics settings low-high, so I don't think it is anything about not being able to handle the game. Please comment to help, preferably not to enable v-sync because I have tried with and without v-sync and it is exactly the same. The line is so dominant I don't want to play the game until it is gone. Any considerations are appreciated.
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Can you give us a picture?
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I'm not sure how to take screen shots while playing a game? do you know how?
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Press print screen, paste into paint, save, upload.
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Ok, I'm going to try that I want to say I tried that before.
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I took screen shots and the horizontal line doesn't appear in them. It is like if you took the picture cut it across horizonatally and moved shifted the two an inch to the left and right. They are connected, but it is like they are torn.

Edit:This was the best I could do for a screen shot. I used my camera and The line only appears when the camera or the character in the game is moving. So when I am sitting still it doesn't do it at all. But my FPS stays at 60 if I just move the camera and the line appears.

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Try reinstalling your monitor cable. If it didn't show up in screenshots, it must be something with the screen/connection/card.
EDIT: Does it happen in any other games?
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This does not happen with mafia II and I think it is dx11. I force dx9 and it doesn't do it in bioshock. But if I force dx 10 or 9 it still happens in Battle Field Bad Company 2. So I have no clue.
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Sorry, don't really know what to say. Maybe check your GPU for any problems.
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