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get a 6950, your cpu is about the best you can do, and as mentioned before upgrading to a x6 wouldnt be worth it. from what i hear, the 6950 xfire is pretty balanced with your cpu at 4ghz so a single card wouldnt be bottled.

i could be wrong, but it seems right to me
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Originally Posted by rawrjaay View Post
what exactly is the bulldozer?
i mean better speeds?
or what?
Bulldozer is the next AMD cpu. It is a completely new architecture and will HOPEFULLY be able to compete with the i7s. AMD has been extremely quiet about it though and I haven't seen anything besides very questionable "leaked" benchmarks. It will be initially on the AM3+ motherboard.

BD will have:

Modules, each of which contains two cores that share resources with each other. The first BD is supposedly a 4 module chip so it has 8 cores. The chip also has the ability to shut off a core within the module to devote the full resources to the single core. That would be for applications not optimized for multi-threads.
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