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K. So gaming, mainly BC2 and light gaming these days, nothing big on audio there, and music, generally either classical, tai chi music, or when I'm in a good mood something like Dragonforce or Daft Punk for workouts. Currently using the speakers in my sig, an old set of Creative Labs 3400's. They sound ok to me, they do fine, but the volume control had some root beer spilled on it (kid knocked over the can ) and while it works, the volume gets a little wonky and the volume doesn't even work if the knob is set below 60%.

So here's the deal. Should I replace the speaker set since it IS going on 4 years old, try cleaning the volume control (for the 5th time), or replace the volume control? If it's time to replace the speakers, what would be a good 2.1 system, max of 150 bucks, to replace it with? Thanks in advance.