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HeatKiller v3.0 LT Questions

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Good morning folks. I've exhausted the search function and couldn't find definite answers.

I purchased this HeatKiller v3.0 LT for my new WC setup, which does not come with the backplate.

I installed it, using the 775/1366 mount procedure shown here.

I am running my CPU on a dedicated 240res w/ high speed Yate's in push config.

Two questions:
First, do I need to purchase this backplate? Or is my current mounting fine.

Second question is in regards to my temps.

I ran my loop to test my system, did a burn test just to see what the temps where like and they didn't seem right. My stock 2500k idles at 40c and went to 80c before I turned off the test (30sec total). Would my screws not being "tight" enough for contact pressure be the cause of that?

*Personal Edit) After some reading I've noticed most people tighten them until they can't go any farther and hear a "squeak" and then back off one notch. After some more reading I've realized this actually may be my temp problem, where there just isn't enough contact pressure atm.

Just want some conformation that this is the right/wrong way in installing this block. Thanks for any help.
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According to a trustworthy and experienced expert in watercooling block, backplate has no impact on performance. It provides a 'safer' installation and provides convenience. So, if you install it carefully, a backplate is not needed. Even the Heatkiller installation does not show a backplate in the cross section diagram for Intel.

Having said this, the backplate is not expensive and I would say: just get it.

I am using HK3.0 for 1366 and did try my best to get the proper pressure by getting X as close to 19.6mm as possible. I even used a digital caliper. (see pic)
I would suggest this X as the standard rather than just tighten all screws all the way and then back off one notch.

How about TIM? Did you remove the block for a spread check before you made it final?
Is this a new cooling system? Flushed all air out?

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Thanks for the response. Yes it's a new WC setup, and all the air is flushed out as best it can be from what I can tell. I'm not seeing any significant air bubbles come/go in the res.

I also did a TIM check before making it final. It looked pretty good and wasn't heavy/bubbly or anything.

I'll just recheck the screws and see what their contact pressure is, hopefully it's just that.
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