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My recommendations for quiet, but good performing fans: S-Flex E 1200 rpm, Gentle Typhoon AP-14 1450 rpm

S-Flex F 1600 rpm and Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850 rpm are a bit louder.
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Originally Posted by mam72 View Post
Fanboy much. I notice you went for the GT but not the yates or the s flex which I also recommended.

Have you had all these fans and compared them? I have and that's how I know its crap(some fan fan test on here also prove that I say). You don't need a 6 year warranty, it should last that long if you look after it. I know that everyone has there own opinion of what's quiet.

Anyway we are supposed to be helping the OP.
And then you go on to force feed your opinion. Also there was never an attack on the fans, just the attitude that followed.
But if you want to know how much of a fanboy I am.
I own 2 Noctua NF-P14 FLX's, 5 Noctua NF-P12's, 7 or 8 DELTA's , 4 NMB's, 2 AVC's, 2 odd GlacialTech's and I think I had a hand full of Cooler masters.
I am also going liquid in the future and guess what's going to be strapped to the triple rads I want, "6 NIDEC AP-15's". Or worst case scenario THESE .

Also I know that ehume did a fantastic review on what 65 fans on a megetron.

Also you made the misconception that I said the GT are crap which they aren't, not by a long shot.
But there you go because the Noctua fans don't perform the way you want them to, you instantly say they are crap, which they are not. Also a long warranty means a lot with oil pressure bearings, once they leak they are shot.

But in all your experience you should know that. But if you want to know more HERE

On Topic:

OP you could also try Zalman ZM-F3 120mm , they where tested on rads and they came second to either the Cooler master R4's or the GT Ap-15's, plus they should only be like $8-$10 a pop.
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