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Overclocking system settings

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Hi there, apologies if I've asked this in the wrong area, please mods, do move this thread to it's correct place if needed.

Any way,
My question is this.

I'm wanting to find the best overclocked settings for my PC and utilize the RAM along side the CPU in the most efficient way that my PC can handle.


Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 - 3.00 GHz, Multiplier x15 w/ Standard fan (I believe I clocked the [FSB?] setting from 200 to 218 without error. Anything further Crashes)

Bus speed/Rated FSB:

RAM: Hynix Strontium 2 GB DDR400 MHz, DRAM frequency 200 MHz

GFX: Nvidia Geforce FX5200, 128MB - AGP V3 [Max transfer rate x8]

PSU: 300W [ No other info on PSU ]

So if anyone can recommended the most highest performance I can gain out of this machine that would be pretty boss. (e.g DRAM FSB ratio stuff with highest possible FSB/CPU clock setting blah blah blah)
(If I said I would be incredibly great-full how could I show it?)
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You won't be able to get much, I'll tell you that much. However, you'll be able to do some overclocking. We can't really give you an specific numbers since every piece of hardware is different.

The best advice I can give is you find your limits. Overclock, basically. If you crash, bump whatever it may be down until it doesn't.
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I was really looking for what I can bump my RAM up to without failure.

My CPU basically can handle going up to 3.34GHz without constant error.

It's the RAM i'm wondering about.
Say could I bump the RAM above/around 500MHz rather than the stock 400MHz without affecting the CPU's clock settings?

I'd also like to say I have HT on (I presume that will improve load speeds).

And thank you for the reply with haste. Kudos.
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