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GA-880GM-UD2H overclocking?

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Hi I am new to your website but i have found it incredibly helpfull with my recent questions about my computer. I am trying to overclock my computer because it has been running incredibly slow lately and i just reformated. I was wondering if there was any way someone can direct me to a place that will show me how to over clock my system. I have gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H mother board, AMD Phenom II black edition processor x4 965, 500GB 7200 s hitachioe hard drive, 4gigs of ram that im not quite sure about but i was directed towards them by the local micro center emplyee, and a 650W xfx power supply. I have been reading about overclocking and I really want to start but im not sure how to do it yet and I dont want to break anything lol If anyone could help me or lead me to someone or something that can explain further i would appreciate it very much thanks so much! O yea I also was wondering if it was even possible with my motherboard i am currently using.
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Sorry to ruin your day but I'm actually recommending that you don't OC on this motherboard. The 880GM-UD2H (unlike other Gigabyte 880G boards) features the old 2007-2008 4+1 VRM design, with low quality and known problems, and isn't very suitable for OC-ing that high-TDP 125W processor especially when you put aftermarket cooling on the CPU and remove the MOSFET cooling that the stock cooler provides. Adding MOSFET cooling might help, but as I said, it is an old design with known problems. If you don't even understand any of the words that are coming out of my keyboard, you might want to look at the "About VRMs & MOSFETs" link in my sig to know why this is an issue.
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can i just overclock my prosser (pheneom II x4 965 black edition) , without over clocking the mother board
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I have the exact same board.

Once I built my rig, with what little knowledge I had when I started, I learned a lot from this forum, and particularly from XD_1771 on this issue. Thanks to him I learned more about the limitations of this board, even though I still attempted for what I could for a "safe" overclock.

I replaced the stock cooler with a Hyper TX3, and added the ENZOTECH MOS-C1 to the mosfets on this board, around the same time I was experimenting with OC'ing(not ever raising voltages)

I also learned that in the BIOS, AUTO for the voltage settings is at 1.400, particularly 1.472, which is above stock for this chip at 3.7v's(I'm 98% sure of this).
XD informed me to never go above 1.55 v's on this board, and I never have gone above 1.50, even with the aftermarket heatsinks.

However, just with the multiplier in BIOS, I got my 965 BE to 4ghz on that "Auto" setting, ran Prime for 11 hours at one point, and determined it to be safe....then I lowered the volts in bio to 1.375 I think,(when you switch AUTO to MANUAL, you lower the volts by a % at a time, but don't remember exactly what number, but the next notch under default was 1.375 or 1.38.
Ran prime again, and found this to be stable. But I couldn't get the multiplier any higher without it failing in prime after about 2 hours or so.

The highest I was able to get at 1.472, was 4.2 ghz, but I am plenty happy at 4ghz with the "lowered" v's.

XD, I thought in one of my earlier post you said that although this board does have a 4+1 power phase, that it is generally safer than other boards because of the 2oz Copper PCB and a few other little things, but never push the volts above 1.55....

But anyways, that is where I got on my board. And I probably am still taking some chances, but the mosfets don't get hot to the touch(never did, even before the heatsinks) and I run this pc pretty hard between folding/gaming.
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matt you're on an 880GM? Thought it was the newer 880GMA the whole time! This 880GM is basically a recycled 785GM which is a recycled whatever else from 2007-2008...
Since you've been holding out for now on some decent MOSFET cooling on that kind of VRM quality and I know someone else who's been the same with a 785GM, I'm pretty sure the same can apply to OP here
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HA! Oh wow. Learn something new everyday now don't we, lol.
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Hi gents sorry to post here a year later but someone else might come this way.

Matt thanks for you insight. I have been all over trying to figure out just how to actually change the voltage on the board via BIOS and whether or not it was worth it.

Second I was wondering what the max is on this rig too. I have the same Phenom II BE 965. I have been able to get to 4.1 with an aftermarket Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO for cooling.

Temps are no more than 55 degrees.

I haven't ran an 11 hour test yet LOL boring. But I have reached a Prime 95 hour or so. Good enough for me as I run Microsoft FSX and I was looking for more Frames Per Second and I have MORE than got what I came to overclocking for.

I am doing will at 19.5 multiplier, 200 FSB and the system voltage on auto at 1.375. Cool temps and stable platform as little as I know about what stable means. LOL. Anyway I ran Flight Sim all day today no crashes.

Thanks again for the insight.
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So, Mr. XD

Hi! Can you by chance make a recommendation for me? Later on towards June or so, I plan on giving my Overclocked board and Phenom to my son. He can blow it up from there.

I wish to make the jump to an Intel Core i7 3770K Quad Core. I will read up on your mofset link as I havn't a clue in hell what your talking about. Eager to learn.

FSX I actually DO know very well is all about the processor. So the stronger the better. Most folks recommend the i7. Any words from you would be appreciated. Thanks!

OOOPS Found you links NEVER MIND. Thank you for posting such insightful info.
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