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I own an HP Pavillion a4316f that started flailing about like a decapitated chicken. So to speak. Random shutdown, blue screens of death all over the place, etc.

At work there is an almost identical HP (6310f) so I begin part swapping to try and identify the source of the problem. I suspected (of course) that the motherboard was crap and had bit the dust. Just to be sure I swap motherboards, and what the heck, now the work pc motherboard has a cpu fan fail warning.

I know the fan works, but the plug on the board is fail. Am I missing something here?

Any help/advise would be helpful, including but not limited to:

1) Is the fan fail mobo doneski?
2) Is there a way to bypass the fan fail warning in the bios? I have the fan plugged in to the other fan power, so the processor should be safe, right?
3) What is the deal with these fail boards? Are these mobo's busting all the time?
4) What is the best replacement option (if needed) for each pc?

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