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RX1600PRO crash.

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As soon as I install drivers ,PC instantly crash while booting to windows.In Safe Mod without drivers and etc everything is OK.


Gigabyte RX1600PRO
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wow 71 views and no answer? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... First off man, were going to need more information on your current setup, are you OC'ed, is you gpu OC'ed that whole sha-bang... But If i had to say, giving what you've given us to work with since, I am assuming that this hasn't been a problem until you installed what ever drivers you installed I would say that. Possible you installed 64 bit on a 32 bit OS? idk, but it seems to me like a bad driver install. I would try to...

(1. boot into safe mode w/ networking. and uninstall current drivers that are giving you problems, and download driver sweeper if you haven't already. (2. Restart in safe mode again. (3. Run driver sweeper. (4. Restart again hopefully into normal windows, and try reinstalling the correct drivers.
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