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page file size?

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I'm new to all this and I have no clue what page file is but people have said to disable it as I don't need it.

I did, and I think it's disabled but in dxdiag it says

3367MB used, 4776MB available.

Is this normal?



PS, my capacity keeps going down bit by bit whenever I do something like install an app like mpc, etc. Is it because IE is saving the installer somewhere? I just press run when I dl the installers.
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Just yesterday i was reading another post saying to disable Page File so i disabled it and whilst playing COD:BO a message popped up saying i was running out of ram. Even though 1.3Gb was still available. So i made it a system manged size and it doesn't pop up anymore.
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It is best to move the page file to a secondary storage device and leave it on system managed, which will usually be just a bit larger than your physical RAM. The capacity going down could be from temp files stored by IE and other programs. You shouldn't need to worry about this unless you are stressed for space, in which case you could use the Disk Cleanup tool. Hope this helps.
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Is the Disk Cleanup tool safe to use with ssd?

I'm pretty stressed for space because I only have 34.2/59.5gb left frown.gif Only big thing I have installed on it is Counterstrike source.... Steam folder takes 5.72gb... then there's Norton, and programs like Afterburner, occt, bluetooth suite taking ~50mb, adobe reader ~100mb....

I'm going to get an HDD next week, but idk if I should get the Spinpoint F3 or Caviar black... Or Raptor... nor what size.... omg... my head hurts frown.gif
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If you want pure performance go for the Raptor, however if you want value and performance, go for the Spinpoint F3 1TB. Personally I would go for the Samsung. Im fairly sure that the Disk Cleanup is safe to use with an SSD however the Disk Defragmenter is one that you dont want to use with an SSD.

You should also disable the hibernation file if you dont use it, this will free up around 4GB of space.
Run Command Prompt as administrator, and then type "powercfg -h off" (without quotation marks).

You should definately move the page file onto a mechanical hard disk aswell.

There are many more tweaks and things you can read over on this thread: http://www.overclock.net/ssd/929553-win-7-ssds-setup-secrets.html
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