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Internal size of HAF + similar cases

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I'm currently in the design phase of my new system, making sure everything is right before I go making purchases..

So far this is my plan for the main components:

- Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5
- AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (aiming for 4Ghz)
- Corsair Hydro H50 Watercooler (or similar)
- Gigabyte HD6950 x 2 (for epic 5760x1080 triple monitor goodness)
- ?.. maybe something like a CoolerMaster 700W Extreme Plus

Most of the rest will just depend on price and availability during purchase and won't affect the case.

Now my question was regarding the Coolermaster HAF series cases. One of my close friends has a HAF X which is absolutely huge. I was hoping to get something a bit smaller like the HAF 922 as it looks equally as awesome (moreso with the red version) and is way cheaper + lighter.
But will the 922 be big enough to support 2 x HD6950 graphics cards and a watercooler with internal radiator?

I'm open to other suggestions as well around a similar budget like the NZXT Phantom.
I'd also like to avoid the more boring/dull designs that are around.

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suggest NZXT Phantom, Raven RV03 or Corsair 600t. the H50 and 2x 6950 can fit in most current mid-full cases.
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Awesome, I would have expected that, just my housemate recently had to cut up his new case because his Sapphire HD6950 didn't get along with the HDD cage. Didn't want the same to happen to me so thought I'd double check with some more knowledgeable people.

Not sure exactly what case it was though.. Gigabyte brand and externally large, just not so much inside. I think a Sumo 4192.
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