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ATI 4670 Vcore

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I was wondering what a "safe" vcore would be on the 4670? (EAH4670 to be exact)

Stock is 1.25 and the highest I've had it was 1.31 to get a more stable OC. Are these cores very picky with vcore or is it okay to run it a little higher provided it doesn't run too hot?
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Technically, the only "safe" voltage is stock. And I wouldn't immediately jump to the highest you've seen either, gpu's differ from each other. and seeing that the highest is only a .06V increase. I wouldn't touch the voltage at all in that case. Just to be safe.
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Oh no, 1.31 was the max I personally tried. I cant seem to find any info at all on what voltage these cards can run at. I did find out that the voltmod put the core at 1.35 tho.

I used ATI tray tools to increase the voltage, but I think its all a head game. Last night I jumped it up to 1.35 (GPU-Z showed the same) and I could not OC any more than I could before.

Thanks for the help tho, sorry to be so confusing, lol.
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