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As long as you don't pick the GTX 470 and overclock it a lot on top of overclocking the CPU, and then run like FurMark + LinX to max out your power consumption, you'll be fine on this Antec Neo Eco 450C for 45 CAD:

If you somehow want to upgrade to Sandy Bridge E, add in a large RAID array, upgrade to a GTX 480 and overclock the crap out of it, and don't want to worry about not having enough power (assuming you're sticking with one GPU), go with the Seasonic S12II Bronze 620W for $65 CAD:

They're similar in quality, with the S12II Bronze probably being marginally better. It's mostly the same design, but the Seasonic-branded unit probably has slightly better capacitors or something like that, on top of having a couple percentage points better efficiency.