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My friends in EVGA servers are having strange problems and would like to know what is causing bans on one of the members at their forums. They have their own server. Even admins are baffled what happened and i know one of them use RJay's config for single player ONLY and it does NOT work in Multiplayer and he got banned last night by the system. Can anyone explain what these commands mean? What caused it?

We wanted to know so we can plan ahead next time if something like this occurs cuz we don't wanna lose some good people in that server and getting bans for no reasons.

This is the command in the console after the player has been banned.

<00:27:49> Player 'pcnuttie', guid 'xxxxxxxx': Suspicious activity of type 'eCT_FileDataProbe' with params 'gamecrysis2/scripts/entities/actor/player.lua,0,4dad666eb2529991,0,1000000' detected
<00:27:49> Player 'pcnuttie', guid 'xxxxxxxx': Player has been banned for 60.000000 minutes, reason: instant ban

I have no idea what it means. I know he has NEVER NEVER NEVER cheats at all. This is the first time he's got banned from our server and we're both confused. Script? I wonder if it has something to do with the SP config tweak programs? Anyone verify the information for me?

THE guid has been removed for his saftey cuz i don't need anyone stealing his information or whatever.