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Eggsellent Cooler


Pros: Kept my lapped CPU a chilly 29c on average

Cons: A little difficult to set up with the supplied mounting tape which was too thick.

Had it set up on my Sig Rig, with Yate Loon High Speed Silents in Red LED flavor. Used the stock fan as a fan shroud after hacking out the fan hub and mounted it up in the top of my 932. Good temps year round. I miss my H50. But I sold it so I could go custom Loop which will someday be finished. I got it new from Newegg when I bought the sig rig.

A little spendy but well worth it...


Pros: ~8 hour burn in time as good or better than Artic Silver 5

Cons: This stuff is liquid gold. Should be cheaper considering the cost per half gram tube

This is the same stuff that Corsair puts on all their coolers. A to H series, at least up to the H70. I've heard they went a different way for their 80 and 100 series but I've seen no substantial reports confirming or refuting those claims. Corsair is a re-brander however. They don't make a lot of the stuff they sell and have just undergone a change in manufacturer of their Hydro series. So that may mean that the new manufacturer is not using G751, which to me is a real shame. Outstanding TIM. When you mount the Hydro block its a good bet if your temps aren't looking optimal, you can remove the pump/block spread the tim out to fix any bare spots and re-seat. This means with ~8hours of...
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