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The little performer!


Pros: Fast, low power consumer.

Cons: Multiplier limited (still overclockable though)

I have been using this CPU for one year and all I can say is that it really does its job. Stock clocks vary because of Intel's power technologies and stuff. It can go from 1100MHz all the way up to 3100MHz. On my GA-Z77M-D3H board I can overclock the cpu to 3300MHz by setting the multiplier to 33x100MHz = 3300MHz. Probably can get it a lil' higher by overclocking the BCLK too, but that might give me corruption. This cpu is sufficient for gaming, surfing the web, managing documents, everything! The ultimate budget Quad Core S1155 CPU is here and it will amaze you. It rocks.
Overclock.net › battleaxe231 › Reviews by battleaxe231