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Super inexpensive, good quality mic.


Pros: Small, light, clip-on, clear audio, durable.

Cons: Picks up background noise very easily.

Picked it up from NCIX for $11CAD, was very impressed by how well it works for the price. It's quite durable (it's gotten snagged on something and been pulled from my headphone cable to the floor many times, still works great). My only issue with this mic is that it picks up EVERYTHING. Conversations/TV from another room, your cat snoring on your bed, everything. I solved this by duct-taping a folded piece of cloth over the mic (trying to simulate the fuzzy stuff that goes around most microphones to keep P's and S's from being annoyingly crisp) and I've had no complaints since. A+ would recommend.

Good mouse.


Pros: Comfortable, adjustable weight, no acceleration that I can detect.

Cons: Rubber coating is starting to wear away on the thumb area after 1 1/2 - 2 years of use, braided cable is starting to fray where it rubs on my desk

Owned it for almost 2 years now. Great mouse, comfortable, feet are still functional and smooth. No detectable acceleration or prediction on a Steelseries QCK cloth pad. Adjustable weights are cool, adjustable DPI is great. Starting to wear out now though, rubber coating is worn down to the smooth plastic where my thumb sits, the braided cable it starting to fray a bit where it rubs on the edge of my desk, but it's been good to me for a long time, so no complaints really.

Average case, average price.


Pros: Looks pretty good, easily accessible + removable front fan cages.

Cons: Zero cable management options, stock fans aren't that good.

Not a terrible case, but there are much better cases for the money. It has the features you'd expect of a cheap OEM case. Nothing is tool-less, no cable management, poor layout, no removable drive bays. It is however very well built. It feels sturdy and solid, and has room for 5 fans (1x120mm rear, 2x120mm front, 1x140mm top, 1x120mm side). If it was $10 cheaper, it'd be better, but at its current price, I would recommend other cases.

Great keyboard


Pros: Light key switches, good quality, sturdy feel, sounds great.

Cons: Glossy finish attracts fingerprints and stuff, I don't really care at all but some people do.

I keep finding myself wanting to type more on this keyboard. Chrome will auto-fill in my username or something but I'll type it in anyway because it just feels so good. Fantastic keyboard.

Fantastic motherboard.


Pros: Plenty of features, EFI, 12+2 phase, overclocks great, great price.

Cons: Had to tweak a bit to fix double boot issues, x16/x4 lanes so you won't wanna run 6990 CFX or 590 SLI on this budget board (who knew?).

Fantastic board for overclocking, EFI is a breeze to use, stable as a (well built) table, a quick switch to XMP profiles and it picked up my G.Skill ECO RAM with no issues. 5* would recommend.

Poops on the competition.


Pros: Fantastic price:performance ratio, overclocks well, power efficient.

Cons: Nada.

Came from a Phenom II 720 @ 3.4GHz, this processor completely blows it away. Went from being CPU bound in many games to being CPU bound in NONE. Gave me 30%+ higher FPS in many of my games. I have it clocked to 4.4GHz at stock voltage, absolutely insane. A+, Intel. A+.
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