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Spectre pro review


Pros: Free and silent

Cons: not all white

Got my 4 white led bitfenix fans. As having owned the first series of both led and plain colors i was eagerly awaiting there arrival. Inside the box was 4 screws to attach it to your case, 4 rubber antivibration mounts,and a 3pin to molex adapter. First impression was good they look good with the led's there really bright, Airflow is good for a totally silent fan, Love the 2 piece frame it is gonna make painting easier for all the modders out there. Reinforced blades feel sturdy id say there about same airflow as the last spectre led series thought. Maybe add some more blades to the design you have now. Coupled it on my rad temps went down 1c from the 1000rpm white spectres thats with...
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Overclock.net › solar0987 › Reviews by solar0987