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Beast in every way


Pros: Silence, Full modualr, Sleved cables, 80+ Gold

Cons: Price, only 6 PCIE cables

Where to start? First it comes in the signature velvet bag. Cables come in a nice storage pouch so there is no chance of loosing them. -Cables are all sleeved or ribbons for ease on your eyes and airflow. -Fully Modular, super easy if you want to sleeve -Fan only spins up when needed. -One of the best ripples on the market right now. - Falls just a hair short of Platinum rating Negatives: Cost, runs about $30-50 more than a comparable PSU. - Only 6 PCIE connections. May be an issue if you want to run 4 GPUs. Most people can avoid this issue by using a dual GPU card (6990/590) Overall, the best PSU I have ever owned. Runs much cooler than any other PSU I have ever owned. Very energy...
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Great board, great options


Pros: Easy OC in UEFI, layout, voltage monitoring

Cons: Price, loss of top PCIE slot to molex

After using this board for about a week now, having good luck running a dog of a 2600k at 4.8ghz. Easy to use, plus the voltage ports for a multimeter are great. The heat sink is of good quality and keeps nice and frosty. Only thing that could make this board better would be to move the molex at the top of the expansion slots to allow another PCI-E to be there.

Stand out looks and Performance


Pros: Looks diffirent, fair price, easy install, crazy good

Cons: Directions are not easy to follow, hard to find in stock

Bough this block off an OCN member. Cools my 1ghz+ 6970 to 41C max at load. Compared to stock air, that's a 35C delta when clocked at 950/1450 (39C WB, 74C Stock Air). That's insane. The block is also high flow to not effect flow rates too bad. Overall this block offers a flash of class that most other blocks just lack. They all perform very close, so get the one that stands out.

Epic Folding Card


Pros: Very quiet, High Overclocking Potential, Lowe Power Draw

Cons: Rare to find drives up cost, Memory not Cooled?

Full disclosure: This card has only seen games for under a hour while in my use. This is for folding and just that. As that is mentioned, the review will disregard gaming uses For folding, what a beast! I drop between 12-13k PPD running this card at 900/1800/1800 @ 1.025V. Max temp is hitting 61C. Fan only at 71%. By using the smaller VRAM card, I use about 20-30W less power than someone else folding a GTX460. Thats not a ton, but over the life of the card adds up. Also due to less VRAM the memory tends to clock higher with less volts. Overall, PPD Per Watt is one of the best at this time. Not having to stress about heat or sound just makes it the only folding card I never traded.

Great card, hard to find


Pros: Speed, Scaling,Double Life Time Warrantys

Cons: Hair Dryer Fan, Hard to Find, Can be expensive, No CUDA for folding (Green Team only)

After owning for a few months this card is still running strong for me. Ran 950/1450 stock volts, on the stock cooler with no issues. It can get loud but that was mostly for me hatting seeing 70C+. Compared to the previous 5xxx cards, this fan runs at a slightly quieter pitch. Scaling of 2 or more cards is nearly perfect. 2GB of VRAM makes everything including BF3 playable. Ability to run up to 6 monitors off one card using the DP splitters. Green team requires 2 cards for 3 monitors. On Air the card would get up to 71C when benching at 950/1450 stock volts and cooler, 100% fan (jet engine at well over 8k RPM) Under Water this card is running 1020/1500 @ 1.2v. Max temps are around...
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