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Creative Labs I-Trigue L3450


Pros: Sound quality

These were a gift to me a couple years ago, but i was expecting a lot less from them. they are pretty good speaker for a gamer. The sattelite speakers are pretty good and the subwoofer is beefy. It starts distorting at very high levels, but i guess it is just normal. Surround sound is alright for a 2.1 system. If you want a true surround, go with a 5.1/7.1 speakers. As already said, for games and casual movies, not the home cinema type, they are great.

Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 100


Pros: Wireless range, batteries duration, keyboard keys

Cons: Software support

Bought it some years ago and it is still going strong. Mouse is a little smaller now than i would like to, but it still is of great value. Not to be confused with a gamer mouse though. Batteries duration is awesome. Keyboard's batteries go for about 6 months with me, and mouse's for about 3. The other wireless solutions i owned i had to swap batteries every month or two. Software support isn't that great. The keyboard's shortcuts doesn't work in their full. For instance, in windows 7 the calculator shortcut doesn't work. Volume works like a charm, and i don't really need the others

Coolermaster Stacker 830 SE (RC-830) Silver


Pros: Plenty of room, looks, detachable motherboard panel

Cons: Excessive weight, small HHD case, no cable management options

An awesome case IMO. i like the looks of it, the good amount of space, and i love the ability to take the mobo out without having to remove the screws. Being able to install the mobo in both ways (up or down) is an awesome thing too. Cable management is a pain sadly, and the HDD cage can accomodate 4 HDDs, wich is short for me, as i own 5, and have one more on the way. With a big CPU cooler, like the Scythe Yasya, the interior side panel, wich accomodates the side fans, have to be removed, because you can't close it no more.

Asus VW193S


Pros: Great Image quality

Cons: Poor quality speakers

Very nice monitor back in the day. It just starts to look small next to the current generation monitors.

Foxconn A79A-S


Pros: Overclockability, Design, PCI_E x16

Cons: BIOS

Bought it for cheap almost 2 years ago with an Athlon II X2 250 and loved it for quite some time. When i bought the Phenom II X6 i realized that it was getting a bit old, but it still runs great. BIOS are scarce, and poorly designed IMO. When you fail a OC you have to reset CMOS very often, this is what annopys me the most. Other than that, i will keep it until it dies
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