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Great beginner OC/Gaming PC builder card


Pros: Price/performance ratio, dual dvi, HDMI output, DX 11, overclockable

Cons: Loud, and really hot before simple modifications

Great card for my first gaming rig I ever built. Stock was 700/1150 Max temp 90 c. Able to overclock to 850/1200, with temps of 65-70 degrees after getting rid off useless plastic shield, applying aftermaket Enzotech heatsinks, and applying some Noctua TIM i had lying around. Performance is to the level I expected for price and quality at the time could play dirt 2 on high settings with 4x MSAA at 30 fps. Fun to play and tweak lots of info out there on pencil mods on this card, and a double lifetime warranty from XFX! Good driver update info from XFX website.

Bose quality sound for a price!


Pros: Sound quality, design, function, size

Cons: Price, speaker jack input intermittent failure

Its a Bose system! sounds really good, looks good, is small to not clutter desktop area, volume control peripheral device w/ microphone and external input jacks is great feature. Bass is there when and if you need at with simple bass adjustment knob. Excellent range of sound with zero distortion at maximum volume level. My only issue which is likely my fault is intermittent speaker input jack failure causing one speaker to cut out, occured past one year warranty period. I think it is from constantly hot swapping plugs with power on that Bose instructs to not do, just as simple as flicking a power switch each time I move stuff but you live and learn. Issue is resolved by unplugging...
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The largest most effective Air Cooling option in existence


Pros: Large cooling surface area, Silent operation, 6 heat pipes, 140/120mm fans

Cons: Can your case handle the size?

By far the best investment for the performance air cooled overclocker. Noctua has proved to be a manufacturer of high quality cooling. I am able to run a 1090T with max temps of 50 degrees at 4.0Ghz 24/7 in CM 690 case. Clears my G.SKill Ripjaw series ram just fine. The the second best feature of this cooler is the near silent fan operation provided by tow Noctua ball bearing fans. Noctua TIM proves to be a reliable temperature solution for all my components as well. Website support, customer service is a plus with Noctua!

Smooth low profile wireless keyboard fro home/office use only


Pros: design, dimension, key action, key layout, wireless

Cons: poor signal strength over 3 ft

A very nice keyboard for design, function, feel, and appearance. Full keyboard w/ programmable shortcut keys. Wireless design with battery life of about 6 months for me. I would opt to not purchase this keyboard if it comes with the corded USB receiver as mine has never been able to operate at full function past 3 ft from receiver.

Good Desktop Home/Office Mouse


Pros: Wireless, 3 button, Programmable

Cons: Horrible Range 3ft max

This mouse came with Microsoft Keyboard Mouse Combo. Function, ease of use, battery life, software functionality are all acceptable. The overall range of wireless signal is not. At best I can get 3 feet from the receiver with full function, past that the signal strength degrades to point of non function.

Cheap 1 TB Solution


Pros: cheap, 1TB capactiy, 7200 RPM

Cons: WD history of spinup failure

So far so good, this 1TB was on sale form Newegg a ways back. Has 1 TB capacity, 7200 RPM, silent operation. A friend warned me of this drive after I purchased saying that it is a common dead drive. I have not run int any issues so far, and disk always comes back ok. Just in case though I do not have OS on this drive.

Perfect playstation like fuction


Pros: Cordless, PS gamepad layout

Cons: Game compatability

This has been the beset controller I have used. I am able to use this at 10 ft' from the IR receiver without issue. Battery life is about 6 months for me with occasional gaming. Logitech software updates are useful for game controller settings but I find the best use for this controller is games certified for Cordless Rumblepad. Weight and feel is plus. Purchased used form Ebay shipped with original packaging and no defects.

The Best-Yes the Best 6950 overall and I am not a MSI fan


Pros: Twin Forzr III, Triple Volatage Control, High Quality VRM 8+2 phase power design, More OC possible, Unlocks on some

Cons: Does not have the reference digital VRM control, MSI install CD does not work on x64 Windows 7

Replaced my XFX Radeon 5750 which went into another rig for a few more years of abuse! Took 3dMark11 score from 2200 to 5600!. Plays Dirt how I would like Max out in CCC and in gameplay Ultra settings. I played with this card a bit... drivers, settings etc and have got it to work well on my both my 22'monitor and 42" TV. Ran stock at first then put the grind to it and unlocked with a Mod 6950 BIOS for full shaders and can push clocks way up. Stock at 850/1300 and overclock settings well gaming although not really needed (less shutter) is 975/1400 with 1.25v on core. Not the best chip but it works many others have OC w/ stock voltage. Regardless this card never gets above 65 degrees...
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More Ghz, More Cores, Less Heat


Pros: Price, overclock capability, lower temps, AMD

Cons: Not the best chip in the batch 1.48v to hit 4Ghz others have doen it on less

This chip replaced my PHII X4 940 C2 that was clocked to 3.6Ghz @1.5v 55c MAX load with NH-D14, installed in New CHVF AMD board and the 1090T pulled 4.0Ghz @1.48v 50c MAX load with NH-D14. So yeah I like it Good price, Good Overclocking ability, More Cores, Higher BUS speeds like x 250 and up, increased RAM speed compatibility I have run up to 2000, oh and yet another stock AMD cooler to put in the parts bin:thumb:
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