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Great little card, especially for price.


Pros: Price, Dx11, Can run BF3 PERIOD, Very High Overclocker

Cons: Memory Bandwidth

I have got to say, I was expecting a lot worse from this card. I was hoping it would run BC2 @ low settings, at that. It can run It @ High w/ 4xAA, but BF3 is a different story. This card so far, has this overclock from stock: Stock : (730/1460/900)

Amazing Keyboard, especially for 20$.


Pros: Curved keys for quicker typing, Ease of modification, Spill resistant, Good size keys

Cons: It doesn't give me A Cheeseburger, Dr. P, & French Fries.

This keyboard has been in my possession since May of 2011. It has been great for GAMING, Average use, and office typing. This keyboard is also Spill resistant (I've spilled coke on it three times now), and it still works like the day I bought it. Keys are soft, queit, and decent sized. The curve is to fight against Carpal Tunnel, so that's good, and It's easier, and quicker to type, than with an average keyboard. I type 70+ words a minute, and this helps improve accuracy, and speed. Especially since, I'm always on a computer, and because of the CHEAP price for a good keyboard. Also has a Little calculator button (And yes, it actually brings up the Calculator when you hit it!). I...
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Overclock.net › Nvidia-Brownies › Reviews by Nvidia-Brownies