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Still peerless micro champ


Pros: Overclocking features, Asus Fusion Northbridge Cooler

Cons: No USB3, SATA 6Gb/s Support.

While this board may have seen a successor in the form of the Asus Rampage III Gene, and a handful of 1156, and 1155 younger cousins, the Rampage II Gene is still the best 1366 Micro ATX motherboard available. All of the features of full sized boards of similar vintage are available. There is support for six core processors, SLI, Crossfire, triple channel memory, ICH10R RAID, and a X-Fi branded integrated audio processor (not Creative silicon, but software). The clear advantages the board offers over the Rampage III Gene are eSata support, the LCD poster and a Asus Fusion design- modular NB/Power phase cooling setup. The later allows the tiny NB heatsink to be removed, and replaced...
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Overclock.net › RonindeBeatrice › Reviews by RonindeBeatrice