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Looks good! Decent hardware on it.They should get their money back from BIOS programmer.


Pros: Cheap.Will run 2 8gb 1600Mhz RAM sticks

Cons: Defaults to "00" and doesn't train.Does not reboot without toggling power switch.Does not boot without toggling power switch.

Well;If you want to power on and go...stay away from this one! Does not train with 2600 G.Skill Sammys. It has exactly one profile you can save;That kinda sucks. I can't imagine trying to freeze a chip with one of these;It would surely end up in massive fail. UPDATE!: I bought an AsRock Extreme...summin..because I know it's z97 chipset and boots much faster.Yes, the "toggle power" thing all the time is not good;But you know..that AsRock board is deader than a doornail 5 days later.It worked great!..for all of 5 days. I'm back on the "Gank" board.Know why? a) Asrock board lasted 5 days b) This board is fine.Thank goodness the chip didn't die. If what is this? ECS does decent RMA:They...
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Pros: Ran VERY cool(i think)

Cons: very slow..terrible ipc

Ok..so..i purchased an fx4100..because..i'd been waiting for bulldozer all year and wanted to stick something new in the $200 990fx Sabertooth mobo i have.I ordered it from Microcenter on release day..it arrived a week later .OK..so I'm going to post what documentation i have of it..pics..short explanation..etc..In the end..i traded it for a 64gb Crucial M4.
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