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Solid and Stable


Pros: Value (Newegg Shell Shocker), simplicity, stability

Cons: Non-modular....that's about it (Color is kind of strange...but whatever)

Installed the power supply about four months ago. Rock solid and stabile. Absolutely satisfied with it. It has not given me a single blip at all in the four months I've used it. Granted, I'm not running alot on it, nor have I tested if it will REALLY output 380watts, but it's been just great for me. Non-Modular, but that's what I paid for. It really is a great power supply, and perfect for any entry level office/light gamer PC. I'm giving it four thumbs just because of the non-modular design...

Intel Pentium G620


Pros: Speedy performance, Great value, Stays VERY cool, rock solid stabile, Onboard graphics are GREAT for HD movies

Cons: Locked multiplier (non-Overclockable), poor performance in heavily threaded applications (what do you expect from a Pentium?), max 1066mhz memory

I bought one of these four months ago to revive an old project I had been working on. The G620 is everything I wanted and more. This little Sandy Bridge dual core completely exceeded my expectations. I've had multiple different applications open at once and found that she just keeps on chugging along. While it's not a super high end quad core, nor does it support HyperThreading, this thing is probably the best bang for buck CPU on the market right now for Office work and moderate/heavy multitasking. Pair it with a couple of 1066mhz DDR3 and you're off to the races! Another thing which simply shocked me is how cool this thing runs. It idles at THREE DEGREES higher than my ambient. I was...
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