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Still going strong


Pros: Still handles today's games

Cons: Needs regular cleaning or runs hot

I bought my first XFX 4890 about 18 months ago when they were still one of the top, single GPU cards and I honestly don't have any complaints. It still handles today's latest games, even if you have to turn some of the eye candy off. It outputs to my 32" TV with a DVI - HDMI Adaptor @ 1920 x 1080p and the picture and sound are excellent. I'm waiting until the next generation of cards before upgrading but as that will still be some time away yet, I've just bought another XFX 4890 to run in Crossfire and although I've only tested it on Black Ops and MW3 so far, It appears to scale well and the performance boost is good for £79.99! And I've always wanted to try Crossfire or SLI, so why not...
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Overclock.net › Doc_Gonzo › Reviews by Doc_Gonzo