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Crossover 27Q LED-P Pivot Edition & Gallery


Pros: Unexpected quality of the monitor turns out better than Apple Cinema Display.

Cons: One dead pixel.

Crossover 27Q LED-P Pivot Edition Review + Gallery + Downloads I've been hearing about 27" 2560 x 1440 monitors from Korea. These monitors have the same manufacturer brand LG as for Apple and Dell monitors. The well known Apple Cinema Display and Dell U2711. Myself I have the Apple Cinema Display for some time and always wanted to have a second screen at the same specification but it was too much to afford a second $1100 screen. There are several brand from Korea: Yamakasi, Crossover, PCbank, Shimian, Davi, First Semiconductor & MOTV. There might be more... I've chose the Crossover 27Q LED-P Pivot and I ordered from the seller Green-sum on eBay last week, it took them 2 days to...
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Overclock.net › djriful › Reviews by djriful