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Pros: SLI support, raid support, 16gb ram support,

Cons: Default bios settings are unoptimized (had to manually change fan control settings)

This board is for LGA 1156 processors. i've been using it for a while now, getting close to a year. i've been running it on 4.0ghz with my i7 870 24/7, along with some 1600mhz ram also overclocked to 1833mhz, GTX 480 2-way SLI, tons of fans, very stable board when it comes to overclocking. lots of audio features, raid features, all the good stuff a high end motherboard should have. i never had a single problem with this board, and i hope its gonna be this way for long to come.



Pros: Fun, requiers thinking at times

Cons: None so far

This game is fun for both a teen or an adult not a child because of its graphic content. Gameplay is nice, easy, simple and challenging when you are in a complex area No such big cons to mention, i found the game kinda hard actually (i guess i am not smart enough to figure out the puzzle hehe). The game is more of a trail by error type of game



Pros: hella fun

Cons: having to buy each zombie map pack for 14.99

this game is hella fun, specially when playing with friends. i have purchased this game just because of nazi zombies, i like to play online/solo. when playing online Or solo you need to have experience on how to dodge them and survival through the rounds. i only purchased this game for its zombie game, multiplayer didnt interest me much since i have BF3/MW3 to play for multiplayer. its a must buy if you are interested in zombies and survival mode. the map packs are really fun too, lots of perks and different escape strategies.



Pros: good quality, durable, price, loud

Cons: none

great speakers, however.. i have owned over 3 sets of these speakers and i like them alot because their sound quality is fantastic, however... if you abuse your speakers (play very loud music constantly) their quality goes worse and worse, but as long as you use them for normally they will last long with good quality. would i advise these speakers to others? sure.



Pros: FUN, great graphics for its time

Cons: gets repetitive and boring if you play solo the whole time

needs tactics when playing vs brutal difficulty, or an experienced online player, someone who had planned the battle before beginning might have an advantage, so much fun though,



Pros: Fun, exciting, great when played with friends, ~good graphics

Cons: gets repetitive and boring, very very small collection of weapons

team work is a must, was fun for .. a total of 20 games i am guessing, then let it go, never was interested again.

Duke Nukem


Pros: its Duke

Cons: graphics sucked, no gaming strategy

when i got it, i was excited to check it out, but i really lost interest within the first 5 - 10 min of gameplay. would i recommend it, no. was it fun? for 5 min

Crysis 2


Pros: Fun story mode,great graphics with/without patches

Cons: multiplayer is too fast paced, not alot of weapons, no tactics

I really think this is a fun game (story) but when it comes to multiplayer it becomes more of COD, its very fast paced, not a large selection of weapons, would you recommend the game to others? only if its on sale.

Fun game if you have a controller


Pros: fun, enjoyed playing it, graphics for its genre 8/10

Cons: DX9, i really wish it was DX10 or 11 with deeper shadows and effects

Really fun driving game, can only enjoy it with xbox 360 controller. would i recommend it to others? if its on sale, yes.

I like it, its pretty fun


Pros: Great Graphics, fun, creative

Cons: uses alot of vram ~1.8gb vram if maxed out,

The origin browser server search doesnt bother me much, i concentrate on the game, if it works.. great, is it fun? yes, would you recommend it? hell yes, why do lot of people quit? they are too picky and dont see the big picture of it.
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